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July 2008 Monthly Update

Sunday, August 03, 2008

My, it's been a long time since I've written a monthly update. Yikes! So time to catch up and kick things back into gear here.

In the last six months (yes, it really has been that long), FeedBlitz circulation has grown by nearly a million subscribers, or about 20%. That's actually a little less on a month by month basis than least year (on average), but that metric doesn't tell the whole story.

What has changed significantly over the last 6 months is the volume of messages FeedBlitz sends. back in October last year, FeedBlitz sent 32 million messages. In January, that figure had risen to just under 42 million messages. Last month, July, FeedBlitz sent 65.4 million messages, up over 50% in the last six months; in other words publishers are using FeedBlitz much more than before.

And so a lot of what we've been doing here is working on scalability - the ability to have our technology handle that kind of growth without going belly up. This work is what's taken the bulk of the time over the last six months, and what has kept me off air, as it were, for much of that time. Improving scalability has not been without its challenges - it's one of the toughest things to do in a 7x24 service when one gets to a certain size - and we've had moments where various elements of the infrastructure have shown signs of strain. I'm happy with the overall progress that's been made so far, although we're always looking for ways to improve further.

Not that we've been totally stuck down in the bit mines, mind you. Thanks to generous publishers in the FeedBlitz network, we now have translations on the principal subscriber pages in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch. We've added MSN and Yahoo to the instant messaging options available to all. New capabilities to the template editor. And more to come later this week.

Finally, what with being so busy and all, I've been neglecting the stats update at the feedblitz.com home page. So that's changed too. There's the familiar circulation number, the newsletters number (which is more conservatively calculated than before, excluding active newsletters that don't have any current active subscribers), and a new metric: the number of active publishers. Currently standing at over 63,000, this small army of publishers - corporate marketers, media companies, bloggers and more - use FeedBlitz to automate, customize and manage their online email newsletter marketing, with nearly 100 subscribers each.

So now all I have to do is tell everyone else what this is all about.

But not now. Stay tuned...




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