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Keeping content out of FeedAdvisor results

Monday, January 23, 2006

One of the great things about FeedAdvisor is that it doesn't discriminate - it just sees what subscribers are doing, does the math, and makes its recommendations. The thing is, that recommendation could be a feed that you don't want the general public to see or sign up for. Examples when this might happen include:

  • A private, internal company blog.
  • An old feed that you don't want new subscribers to.
  • A new feed you're experimenting with or testing using a wide audience.

In any of these cases you want a mechanism to stop users from using FeedAdvisor to find the content - at least, not until you're good and ready for them.

So, new today is an option in your feed's details which allows you to make the feed private. It will still be used in FeedAdvisor algorithms to link subscribers together, it just won't show up in FeedAdvisor.com results or in an outbound email. The downside of switching this capability on is that you won't get new subscribers from FeedAdvisor searches, so only use this option when you really do NOT want any new subscribers from the general public. Otherwise, why limit your opportunities to spread your word?



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